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04 October 2012 @ 10:24 pm
I Must Not Fear: A Teen Wolf Fan Mix  
Albm 1 Album 2

Entry for Challenge 2.05 - Get Creative - Fear is the Mind-killer @ wolfpacking

1: I Can Transform You by Chris Brown
"I can change your life, make it so new Make you never want to go back to the old you"
Author's Note: This song involves the transformation from “ordinary human” to a werewolf. Where Scott didn’t know who bit him for some time in the first season, Erica, Isaac, and Boyd were looking to “make their life new” and make them never “want to go back to the old you.” However, one can turn this around for Derek and his fear. Towards the end of the second season, when Peter, Isaac, and Derek were back at the Hale house, Peter mentioned to Isaac that Derek never mentioned to the Betas Derek’s plan and why he wanted/needed the Betas. Derek had somewhat of an idea of either a group of other Betas or a group of other werewolves. He has fear of what’s to come.

2: The Ruler and The Killer by Kid Cudi:
“You know all you belong to me. Come on, we should get it going. Survival of the fittest, hey hey. Lose and you will answer to me”
Author's Note: While this song was made for The Hunger Games, I instantly thought of Teen Wolf, too for this song. Survival of the Fittest means that fear is involved but it’s kind of thrown into the back of that person’s mind. We can go back to Derek and creating his own wolf pack. With the fear of other packs coming and threatening Beacons Hills/Derek, it became a survival of the fittest. Plus, the beat of the song makes me think of different werewolf packs fighting each other, and I am pretty sure that season 3 is going to revolve around the alpha pack and the Beacon Hills pack. With the last line “lose and you will answer to me” who likes to lose? That’s a fear that just about everyone has at some point in life. The whole point of this soundtrack is “I will face my fear.” Losing makes you have to answer to fear, so one must win.

3: Godspeed by Anberlin
Bad turns to worse, and the worst turns into hell
Author’s Note: Anberlin should really be the band of Teen Wolf. The rock songs, the song lyrics, and the messages the songs have are all relevant to Teen Wolf. To me, Hell represents Fear. Even Stiles said that with his whole speech in season 2, when he asked what if it’s just hell? And then the whole quote “if you’re going through hell, keep going.” Fear is interpreted in many ways, like I said, fear to me represents Hell. Hell is also interpreted in many ways. Hell for Derek can be him no longer as an Alpha, that’s also his fear. Hell for Stiles is him losing Scott, that’s also his fear. Hell for Scott is seeing Allison get hurt, again, that’s also his fear.

4: Monster by Hurricane Bells:
Deep into the darkness where I hide. The monsters are burried down deep inside. You never know when they're satisfied
Author’s Note: For as long as I can remember, when I was a child, monsters were my biggest fear. Whether they were under my bed, in my closet, or in the room next to me, I FEARED them. The werewolves in Teen Wolf are monsters to many people, and people fear them. Until they learn about them, of course. Werewolves come out in the dark, monsters come out in the dark. Monsters and Dark are two common fears among children. And unfortunately, even among “normal” humans. So what are the werewolves of Beacon Hills? Are they monsters or are they not? That’s your own personal decision.

5: No Light, No Light by Florence + the Machine:
You are the night time fear. You are the morning when it's clear. When it's over you'll start. You're my head. You're my heart
Author’s Note: Here’s another song that associates night with fear. Basically what I said in the previous statement with the song “Monsters” by Hurricane Bells can be used for this song too. Florence makes night and fear go together, but when the daylight comes everything is clear and that fear is gone. I guess you could also say that the werewolves fear the night; the night of a full moon. They fear that they will lose control. Look at Scott in the first season, he had Stiles lock lock him in his room and chain him so that when he did transform he wouldn’t hurt anyone, mainly Allison, which is his fear. And then look at Derek with the Betas, locking them up in the old train station, telling them to find an anchor to try to fight the transform/phasing.

6: Fear by One Republic:
That we don't the meaning of, fear, fear, fear
Author’s Note: This song mentions that as a child we didn’t know the meaning of fear, even though children are the definition of something that is fearful. In a way, you can call Scott and Stiles children in the first episode of the first season, even though the two went looking for trouble when Stiles overheard his father’s radio about the dead body in the woods. Beacon Hills wasn’t interesting or anything until the dead body was found. Scott and Stiles are children because they didn’t know what fear was until they learned of the werewolves in Beacon Hills, and what werewolves can do to people. Then once Scott is turned, Stiles quickly learns of fear, and fears that he could quickly lose his best friend, whether it be when he transforms into a wolf (and possibly loses his humanity during a full moon) or he gets seriously hurt or worse, killed.

7: Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire:
She dare not breathe. She was so still
Author’s Note: I guess this song could pertain to the whole Stile’s speech about hell and the constant fear that something may happen. When he was talking to Ms. Morell, he mentioned about how it’s a reflex to want to breathe while drowning. In this song, the daughter doesn’t dare to breathe. Whether it be that she was so scared that she forgot how to breathe, or that she was scared if she did end up breathing the person who was attack her father would find her. When I watch the show, especially watching the girls Allison and Lydia, whenever they are scared, they both look like they forget to breathe. Fear is not only a mental state of mind, but it can be a physical state of mind, causing one to forget to catch a breath...

8: The Catalyst by Linkin Park:
God bless us everyone, we're a broken people living under loaded gun. And it can't be outfought, it can't be outdone, it can't be outmatched, it can't be outrun
Author’s Note: Can’t be outfought, can’t be outdone, can’t be outmatched, can’t be outrun. There are a lot of can’ts in that sentence. Can’t is considered to be a negative. When you can’t do something, is it not a common idea that you fear you may fail? The majority of characters in Teen Wolf fear failing. Look at Lydia. When she isn’t on top, she assumes she fails. Stiles’ fear is failing his father and making his father hate him, we saw that in his visions after drinking wolfsbane. Allison is the definition of broken come the end of Season 2. She lost her mom, her grandfather manipulated her, and she just cannot be with Scott after the way she was.

9: The Kill by 30 Seconds to Mars:
What if I wanted to fight? Beg for the rest of my life. What would you do? You say you wanted more what are you waiting for? I'm not running from you.
Authors Note: ‘I’m not running from you,’ means a few different things to me. I usually associate running away with fear. Basically, do our wolves ever run? In the past two seasons, no. As tough as things became, they never gave up. A prime example would be with Jackson and the Kanima. Scott never really gave up on Jackson and hoping to save him.The song also has a lyric that says “finally found myself, fighting for a chance, I know now, this is who I really am.” This could pertain to Scott. He played Derek like fiddle, but Derek realized in the second season Scott is his own leader and has his own pack to defend and lead. Leaders hardly show fear.

10: Salvation by Scanners:
I’ve been waiting for the dark to come. My temptation and salvation. I’ve been waiting for the tide to turn
Author’s Note: As you can see, I have a common theme with finding songs that have the word “dark” in it. I kind of went against the whole fear thing in this song, though. My main inspiration was Derek, because it says that the dark is the temptation and salvation; meaning happiness. Even though Derek has an anchor that holds him from transforming, in a way I feel that a full moon is salvation for him. But then one can twist this song and saying that waiting for the dark to come can drive someone crazy and make them fear it even more. Much like we can see with Stiles. Even though he feels Scott may have a hold on his transforming, he still fears for that full moon and what it may hold for Scott.

11: Butterflies and Hurricanes by Muse:
Change everything you are. And everything you were. Your number has been called. Fights and battles have begun. Revenge will surely come. Your hard times are ahead
Author’s Note: I know that I fear change. I don’t work well with change or adapt well to it. Let’s face it, season 2 brought a lot of changes to Beacon Hills, whether it be someone went from the higher part of the totem pole (Lydia), a personality change (Allison), or a flat out human to supernatural change (the Betas, Erica, Isaac, and Boyd). And now, hard times are ahead with the Alpha pack, and even for Jackson who is now coming to terms with being a werewolf. He doesn’t even know what Scott, Allison, and Stiles know (about his parents). He’ll have to come to terms with this change, but we all know how Jackson has adapted to change in the past (with Scott becoming co-captain; not well).

12: Running Up That Hill by Placebo:
It doesn't hurt me. You wanna feel how it feels? You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?”
Author’s Note: I always have associated this song with Teen Wolf, so when we had the challenge in the first round with that song I screamed with joy. Running, fear, feelings, all of these words have something to do with Teen Wolf. I feel that Scott is just about the only person who doesn’t deal with feelings, he runs on instincts. He asks how you feel, out of courtesy, but that’s about it. Stiles however, Stiles does not like to talk about his feelings, at all. Stiles will talk about his feelings, if he feels comfortable. Remember in ‘Raving’ how Stiles doesn’t mention to Scott about the conversation he just had with his father? Or how about coming to terms with Lydia and Jackson? When Scott looks at him when he has a tear in his eye after Jackson comes back to life, Stiles lies and says that he scratched his truck. Stiles will burst, whether it be in this season or a coming season, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Basically, I looked through my iTunes playlist (which has over 1,000 songs) and found songs that pertain to fear and/or facing your fears. The show Teen Wolf is all about facing your fears and overcoming them.

Download link (if you want it): http://www.4shared.com/folder/TyjW8omO/Fear_Fanmix.html
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Thank you! I am semi-proud of this.
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Stephanniedreamwishdo on October 6th, 2012 11:38 pm (UTC)
Ahh! That means a lot coming from you, bb! Thanks! :)