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01 January 2012 @ 06:05 pm
Scrapbook 2012  

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by: curi_chan, (01/13/2012) (I just cannot keep an icon for long!)

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by: austeresx, (02/11/2012)
(time for a change, but we all know HG will be back next month!)

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by: kirtash_girl, (5/24/2012) (totally feel like I'm cheating on JHutch)

HG 52 (vintage_zombie)
by: vintage_zombie, (6/21/2012)

TW 11 (hewontgo)
by: hewontgo, (7/18/2012)
(whoa, no Josh icon, but this scene was SO hot)

TW 26 (gutteredstar)
by: gutteredstar, (7/27/2012)

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TW 15 (emmyxogast)
by: emmyxogast, (8/16/2012)

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by: veterization, (9/13/2012)

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by: x_lawsy89_x, (9/26/2012)(back to my girl)

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by: florencia7, (12/2/2012)

TVD 4 (breannaa)
by: breannaa, (12/27/2012)



LJ Wallpaper(10/25/2012)

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4/17/2012, made by the lovely breannaa

DS Wallpaper 2
by: vintage_zombie (8/28/2012)


12/27/2012 by: btvs89

Destined-P.C. & Kristin Cast 1/09/2012
Re-Read of The Hunger Games-Suzanne Collins January 2012-May 2012
Divergent-Veronica Roth June 2012
Insurgent-Veronica Roth June 2012
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones-Cassandra Clare June-July 2012
The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes-Cassandra Clare July 2012
The Mortal Instruments: City of Glass-Cassandra Clare August 2012
The Mortal Instruments: City of Fallen Angels-Cassandra Clare September 2012
The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls-Cassandra Clare September 2012
Marked: House of Night-P.C. & Kristin Cast November 2012
Betrayed: House of Night-P.C. & Kristin Cast November 2012
The Host-Stephenie Meyer-November 2012 (didn't finish, absolutely horrible)
Beautiful Creatures-Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Favorite TV Episodes:
"Leis and Lies in Lanai"-The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (1/02/2012)
"Through Many Danger, Toils, and Snares"-PLL (1/02/2012)
"The New Deal"-TVD (1/05/2012)
"A Hot Piece of A"-PLL (1/09/2012)
"Know This, We've Noticed"-OTH (1/11/2012)
"Our Town"-TVD (1/12/2012)
"7:15am"-OUAT (1/22/2012)
"The Blond Leading The Blind"-PLL (1/23/2012)
"Fruit of the Poisonous Tree"-OUAT (1/29/2012)
"Stranger Things Have Happened"-The Real Housewives of OC (2/7/2012)
"The Killing Moon"-OTH (2/8/2012)
"Dangerous Liaisons"-TVD (2/9/2012)
"Catastrophe and the Cure"-OTH (2/15/2012)
"A Rush Of Blood To The Head"-OTH (2/29/2012)
"Red Handed"-OUAT (3/11/2012)
"If These Dolls Could Talk"-PLL (3/12/2012)
"Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will"-OTH (3/14/2012)
"UnmAsked"-PLL (3/19/2012)
"Danny Boy"-OTH (3/21/2012)
"Hat Trick"-OUAT (3/25/2012)
"One Tree Hill"-OTH (4/4/2012)
"Heart of Darkness"-TVD (4/19/2012)
"Do Not Go Gentle"-TVD (4/26/2012)
"An Apple Red as Blood"-OUAT (5/6/2012)
"The Departed"-TVD (5/10/2012)
"A Land Without Magic"-OUAT (5/13/2012)
"Omega"-Teen Wolf (6/3/2012)
"Blood Is the New Black"-PLL (6/12/2012)
"Abomination"-Teen Wolf (6/18/2012)
"Kingdom of the Blind"-PLL (6/19/2012)
"Venomous"-Teen Wolf (6/25/2012)
"Restraint"-Teen Wolf (7/09/2012)
"Raving"-Teen Wolf (7/16/2012)
"Pilot"-Political Animals (7/15/2012)
"Party Guessed"-Teen Wolf (7/23/2012)
"Lost Boys"-Political Animals (8/5/2012)
"Battlefiled"-Teen Wolf (8/6/2012)
"The Kahn Game"-PLL (8/7/2012)
"Master Plan"-Teen Wolf (8/13/2012)
"Pilot"-Partners (9/24/2012)
"Pilot"-Elementary (9/27/2012)
"Broken"-OUAT (9/30/2012)
"Pilot"-666 Park Avenue (9/30/2012)
"The Jeter Exception"-Patners (10/8/2012)
"Pilot"-Arrow (10/10/2012)
"Growing Pains"-TVD (10/11/2012)
"Pilot"-Beauty and the Beast (10/11/2012)
"Lady Of the Lake"-OUAT (10/14/2012)
"The Key"-Partners (10/15/2012)
"Honor Thy Father"-Arrow (10/17/2012)
"Welcome To Briarcliff"-AHS (10/17/2012)
"Memorial"-TVD (10/18/2012)
"Child Predator"-Elementary (10/18/2012)
"The Crocodile"-OUAT (10/21/2012)
"Hero Complex"-666 Park Avenue (10/21/2012)
"This Is A Dark Ride"-PLL (10/23/2012)
"The Rat Race"-Elementary (10/25/2012)
"The Doctor"-OUAT (10/28/2012)
"A Crowd of Demons"-666 Park Avenue (10/28/2012)
"An Innocent Man"-Arrow (10/31/2012)
"Nor'Easter"-AHS (10/31/2012)
"The Five"-TVD (11/1/2012)
"Basic Instinct"-Beauty and the Beast (11/1/2012)
"2 Broke Guys"-Partners (11/5/2012)
"Damaged"-Arrow (11/7/2012)
"I Am Anne Frank (1)"-AHS (11/7/2012)
"The Killer"-TVD (11/8/2012)
"We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes"-TVD (11/15/2012)
"The Origins of Monstrosity"- AHS (11/21/2012)
"Into The Deep"-OUAT (11/25/2012)
"Muse of Fire"-Arrow (11/28/2012)
"Dark Cousin"-AHS (11/28/2012)
"My Brother's Keeper"-TVD (11/29/2012)
"Year's End"-Arrow (12/12/2012)
"O Come, All Ye Faithful"-TVD (12/13/2012)

TV Shows:
Doctor Who May, 2012
Dallas June, 2012
Political Animals July, 2012
UK Skins, August 2012
Partners, September 2012
Elementary, September 2012
Arrow, October 2012
How I Met Your Mother, December 2012

"Abduction" (2/24/2012)
"The Hunger Games" (3/23/2012)
"Journey To the Center of the Earth" (4/5/2012)
"Little Manhattan" (4/13/2012)
"Journey 2 The Mysterious Island" (4/21/2012)
"Winter's Bone" (4/27/2012)
"The Avengers" (5/5/2012)
"Snow White and the Huntsman" (6/1/2012)
"The Forger" (June, 2012)
"Detention" (7/20/2012)
"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" (11/11/2012)
"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (11/14/2012)

"Hit The Lights"-Selena Gomez and The Scene
"You Da One"-Rihanna
"Without You"-Glee Cast
"Bad"-Glee Cast
"Never Can Say Goodbye"-Glee Cast
"No Light, No Light"-Florence & The Machine
"Heartlines"-Florence & The Machine
"Turn Up The Music"-Chris Brown
"Birthday Cake"-Rihanna ft. Chris Brown
The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12
The Hunger Games: The Score
All the Anberlin CDs (getting me through finals week)
"Taboo"-Don Omar
"Cinema" (Skrillex Remix)-Benny Benassi
"Dressing Up"-Katy Perry
"We Run The Night"-Havana Brown ft. Pitbull
"Wide Awake"-Katy Perry
"Belter"-Armin Van Buuren & Orjan Nielson
"Crave You"-Flight Facilities
"Addicted"-Morgan Page ft.Greg Laswell
"Trumpet Lights"-Chris Brown
"Stuck on Stupid"-Chris Brown
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Motion Picture Soundtrack
Rihanna "Unapologetic" Album

The Hunger Games (books, cast, icons) January 2012.
The Vampire Diaries Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot February 2012
The Hunger Games (movies, icons, soundtrack, cast) March 2012
Josh Hutcherson March 2012-?
Josh Hutcherson YouTube Fan Videos April, May, 2012
The Avengers, May 2012
Docto Who, May, June 2012
Teen Wolf, June/July 2012
Daniel Sharman, July/August 2012
Lily Collins/Jamie Campbell Bower/The Mortal Instruments-June 2012-?
DELENA, November/December 2012


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